Over the last year, the word “fascist” has been tossed around indiscriminately and used as a shame tag by left wing extremist groups for those people that they may disagree with. It is a convenient and quick way to discredit an argument, as well as, the person who made it. Once the extreme left tags a person or group of persons as a fascist, it becomes an excuse for irresponsible behavior. A good example would be the protesters outside of Trump rallies. The insistence that Trump or his supporters are fascist, and therefore must not be allowed to speak, seems almost satirical considering that by holding this position they are the ones behaving like Fascists. Anti-free speech is not the only area where the anti-Trump protesters resemble fascists. Below I have listed six ways that Trump protesters are easily more fascist than Trump.
1. The use of violence to shut down peaceful political gatherings and the harassment and attack on supporters.
During the 1920’s and 1930’s leading up to Mussolini and Hitler’s ascension to power, both leaders used violence to disrupt the political activities of their rivals. So far nearly every act of violence whether it is the destruction of property or harm to individuals has been the work of the protesters. The groups appear to be part of a centralized national campaign with a clear agenda. The violence perpetrated against their political opponents is not something which occurs because of heated political passions. The people who are funding these violent groups do so to achieve specific political goals. In the past, Fascists used violence as a tool designed to achieve specific effects on the general populace as well as intimidate opponents. The Nazi’s, in particular, saw violence as a tool and when it was used in a very precise manner at a precise time it was an expedient way to control political outcomes. For a group of people who seem to hate “Fascism,” it is hypocritical to behave in this manner.

2. The groups involved self-identify by race.
Identity politics are a sure sign of fascism. German National Socialism was a perfect example of what happens when a racially motivated group can take control of the state. With Germany, racial identity politics were front, and center and a socialist plan of eugenics such as controlled breeding and sterilization for undesirables were the outcomes. Not to mention the German hatred of the Jews. However, this was not something isolated to Nazi’s. It seems that according to socialist philosopher Sydney Hook in his book Home Truths About Marx, antisemitism was a common trait of most socialists before the second World War. Hook stated, “Anti-Semitism was rife in almost all varieties of socialism.” Many of the statements such as the ones made by college professor Noel Ignatiev that “White males need to die” are similar to the kind of statements Nazi’s made about Jews. Black Lives Matter and La Rasa often make statements about white people that are reminiscent of Nazi statements about Jews.
3. As I mentioned above, the insistence on the curtailment or elimination of free speech rights for anybody who takes an opinion which is in opposition with theirs.
Ironically the groups insist that fascists have no right to free speech, yet they meet one of the criteria of being Fascists just for insisting on such an idea.
4. They cooperate closely with many other racially motivated groups.
Some might say that because groups like La Raza and BLM work together, this must mean they are racially tolerant and therefore not fascist.The truth is that even the Nazis felt a kinship with other Fascist nations. They cooperated readily with the Japanese and Italian Fascists during World War two as well as smaller fascist nations like Romania, Slovakia, and Hungary. In other words, cooperation among racist groups is not uncommon. Most European fascists with the exception of the Italians were anti-Semitic. As mentioned above, the groups attacking Trump protesters are primarily anti-Caucasian. Hate seems to be the motivation in both cases.

5. Funding from corporations who have a political agenda.
These protest groups appear to receive funds from large corporations and financiers such as George Soros, who have a great interest in continued illegal immigration. The interest of these semi-fascist racial groups coincides with corporate interests in open borders for cheaper labor. On the one hand, the corporations want the cheap labor, and other the other hand, groups like BLM and La Raza, want to see the racial groups they identify with become a greater percentage of the population. Therefore, both share some common goals even if for different reasons. The Fascists and Nazis were able to obtain financial support from corporations under similar circumstances as well (such as stopping Marxists which should sound familiar because these groups receive funding to stop Trump).

6. A very progressive left wing social ethic.
Most of the protesting groups are very progressive and include socialists, extreme animal rights activists, and extreme environmentalists. Hitler and the top leadership of the Nazi’s were socialist, vegetarians, who instituted Germany’s first animal rights laws, the first anti-smoking laws ever, and were very environmentally conscious. The Nazi’s were progressive and to the left not the right. As the famous American World War 2, historian Thomas Childers put it, “The Nazis were not conservatives. They were radicals, they were revolutionaries, and conservatives in Germany understood this.” It is important to remember that Mussolini was a bona fide Marxist and member of the Communist International before World War one. He met with the Likes of Stalin, Lenin, and other Marxists every year. He left the Communist International because of their opposition to World War one. Mussolini opposed international socialism from that point on but supported “national socialism” through unions and syndicates. As Eugene Weber (historian of fascism) made clear, “If there is one thing all Fascists and National Socialists agreed on, it was their hostility to capitalism.” Though Donald Trump has some unpopular ideas that upset many people, his rallies and supporters are peaceful. Almost all of the violence perpetrated is by groups who justify it because they say Donald Trump is a fascist. At the same time, these same groups are comprised of militant people who share a common dislike for Caucasians and are behaving in ways which are dangerously similar to historical and actual behaviors of real Fascists. One thing to also remember is that not all protesters at the Trump rally are violent or hate white people. Most of the protesters just believe that Donald Trump is a terrible candidate for president of the United States. It is, however, a sad fact that the real fascists are hiding among and alongside peaceful protesters outside of Trump rallies.