Just for the record, the fact that Gary Johnson and Bill Weld are the Libertarian Nominees for president of the United States is pure bullshit. That’s right; I said it if you are calling the Johnson-Weld Ticket “Libertarian” then you are spouting bullshit. Bullshit that I am not putting up with anymore.
Let me start this article off by pointing out why having Gary Johnson and Bill Weld being the Libertarian nominees is bullshit. First and foremost a Libertarian will never support legislation designed to fight “Social Injustice.” As a libertarian, I maintain that social justice is not justice at all but instead a term used to cloak the commission of injustice. You can find this in my 2015 article titled Why Discrimination is Important in a Free Society. However, Gary Johnson has received a free pass for his disrespect of property rights and the Libertarian tradition of freedom to associate or disassociate. Is it alright that Johnson would ask for and support FEDERAL LEGISLATION requiring business owners to provide services to people against their will?

How about gun ownership? No self-respecting Libertarian would support any restrictions on gun ownership outside of a court ruling by a jury of their peers. Even then, it should only be in effect until the individual is no longer making good on the offense. Not Bill Weld! When the chips are down Weld can be persuaded to curb your fundamental right to self-protection. That is pretty damn un-libertarian of him.

What about Gary Johnson’s position on using the government to tax people and redistribute wealth? Well, it seems wealth redistribution sounds pretty good to Gary Johnson, and he seems to think a universal basic income is probably a pretty good idea, especially if the federal government pays for it with a new carbon tax. So not only is Johnson good with paying out money to people for no good reason at all but he wants a carbon tax too? Libertarians do not support federal intervention in the economy. Not in the way of environmental taxes, and certainly not for creating an entitlement plan giving every single citizen a monthly stipend. The result of the carbon tax would be to hinder the economy, and the universal basic income would be no different than a massive minimum wage increase. Jake McCauley points out in this article how the minimum wage damages your ability earn wages and buy goods. You want to talk about “feeling the Johnson”. The universal basic income will make us poorer in the long run. That is most certainly NOT a libertarian position.

For all the bellyaching about Donald Trump benefitting from the municipal use of eminent domain, it is beyond me why Libertarians would support Bill Weld for any political office much less the second most powerful office in the land! Bill Weld said at a luncheon in New York, “During a Manhattan Institute breakfast on March 1, Mr. Weld said a recent Supreme Court decision that permitted eminent domain to spur economic development “has put alleged collective needs ahead of individual liberty and property rights, and increased tax revenue ahead of the pursuit of individual happiness. It’s a decision I would expect in Communist China.” Apparently, Governor Weld felt that a little communism now and again was a good thing, and it sure as hell did not discourage him from making use of it. Again, feel the Johnson.

What is next? How about Bill Weld’s position on Affirmative action? It seems Gary Johnson and Bill Weld want to get in on the race-huckstering in Washington for a slice of the minority vote. After all, when was the last time a couple of Libertarian “politicians” had a shot at double digits? Obviously, Libertarian politicians are waiting for an opportunity to bring some of that D.C. grease their way. Both Gary Johnson and Bill Weld went to the Democratic convention this year. They had to put in an appearance, and hell, why not, kiss a little Clinton ass. I am pretty sure that is what Johnson was doing when he said Hillary Clinton was a “Wonderful public servant.”

It is safe to say that our little Libertarian Party is now all grown up. Those quaint Libertarian Principles, and offering a true small government pro-freedom alternative has finally given way. Disaffected Establishment Lefty Republicans and Bernie’s Sandernistas are up for grabs so who needs principles right? At this point as a libertarian, it appears Johnson-Weld’s campaign strategy is, “If you can’t dazzle them with brilliance, then baffle them with bullshit!”

All of these statist positions coming from the official Libertarian party are intolerable.

I am all for the LP taking part in the national debate but not with Larry and his other brother Larry heading up the ticket, and not while bloated with disaffected neo-cons and Sandernistas. The last thing the Libertarian Party needs right now is a national debate instead what it really needs is an enema.